Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Greensboro

Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Greensboro

Children’s Hope Alliance is the non-profit organization Greensboro turns to when local children and families are in need. We provide foster care, child adoption, and cognitive behavioral therapy in Greensboro, NC. Through these services, we’re able to provide brighter futures for the youth of Greensboro.

The parts that make up Children’s Hope Alliance are diverse. We’re care providers, adoption specialists, and compassionate community members. But at the heart of each of us is the desire to care for the children of Greensboro and connect them to families who care with skills that support their long-term development.

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Greensboro Foster Care Services

When children need a foster home in Greensboro, we’re there to help. We support the foster care system in Greensboro by providing prospective foster parents with information, training, and support, so that they’re well-equipped to then help at-risk youth in our community.

Greensboro Adoption and Post-Adoption Services

Our adoption center in Greensboro, NC, helps facilitate long-term homes for the youth of Greensboro. When parents adopt through CHA, they retain a long-term support system that helps them navigate the realities of adoption for as long as they need us.

Greensboro Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK)

Through our program Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK), we address the underlying mental health issues associated with problem sexuaal behavior, including trauma and dysregulation, in youth ages 8 to 20.


The well-being of Greensboro’s children drives us. We work alongside child protective services in Greensboro to serve and support the children of our region. Our services for children include:

  • Adoption and post-adoption services
  • Foster care
  • Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK)


Whether it’s with their biological family, foster homes, or child adoption, we believe that children thrive when they’re with families who can provide them with a healthy emotional environment. That often requires support and training, which is why we offer our services to Greensboro families. Our services for families include:

  • Adoption and post-adoption support services
  • Foster care
  • Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK)
  • Safety planning for families of children with problem sexual behavior

Our Community

Children may be at the core of our mission, but they would be nowhere without our community. That’s why our adoption center in Greensboro works tirelessly with our community to help local youth through referrals and community-based support programs. Together, we can make a difference for those who need it most.

Our hope is to help build stronger families across Greensboro. We’re not a one-size-fits-all organization. Instead, we’re a non-profit dedicated to helping the family at hand. Through our family-first model, we’re able to support children, families, and communities.

With this approach, we build stronger relationships across families and the communities in which they live. This allows them to build better relationships with their children, which in turn builds better futures for these children and their own children to come.