CBS / FBS Risk Statement

Specific Benefits/Risks Associated with Outpatient Services

There are certain benefits and risks associated with participation in all Community Based Programs of Children’s Hope Alliance. Our role is to know what to expect and walk with you the entire way.  


  • Customized identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Individualized Person Centered Planning
  • Links for client and families to additional needed community services/resources
  • Services available in multiple office locations, including schools, where applicable
  • Highly-trained staff offer expertise in behavioral services
  • Team approach and dedication of staff and agency help client and families achieve goals
  • Frequent communication with parents and/or legally responsible person(s)
  • Use of evidenced-based and evidence-informed models of care
  • Accessibility to other resources and services provided by CHA
  • Risks:

  • Sometimes symptoms get worse before they get “better”
  • If the client is not making progress or continuing to engage in serious risky behaviors, a recommendation may be made for a higher level of care, including residential placement
  • Children’s Hope Alliance staff have a legal Duty to Warn others of stated or implied imminent threats of harm. Staff are also mandated reporters of suspected neglect and abuse and will report suspicions to the Department of Social Services.