Family Support (Catawba Valley Healthy Families)

How Does It Work?

Catawba Valley Healthy Families is a voluntary home visitation program designed to empower parents to support their child(ren)’s healthy development. By establishing a nurturing and safe home environment, parents set and achieve goals specific to the hopes and dreams they have for their family.

When families struggle to stay healthy due to a lack of support or resources, a Family Support Worker goes into the family’s home to educate and support families through Healthy Families America, an evidence-based practice model. Services are provided for an average of 3-5 years. The primary focus of the program is to promote positive parenting, parenting strategies, education about age-appropriate development, positive bonding, and attachment between parent(s) and child. Parents may also be supported with other resources in the community.

Program Highlights

Success Stories

Being a first-time mother is never easy. And it’s really not easy when you’re just 16 years old and don’t have a solid relationship with the baby’s father. But that was Teena’s situation. And to make things even more challenging, she was recovering from cancer and still attending follow-up appointments when she discovered she was pregnant.

Teena’s Story