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Hope, Health, and Healing for Generations

The old ways are not working. There is a growing debate about what is best for America’s children. We continue to meet children who have moved 10-12 times while in group homes and foster care. Every move causes additional trauma to the child, they never develop long-lasting relationships, and they feel unloved, act out, and then get moved from placement to placement–often times ending up in the juvenile justice system. It’s time for a new approach to helping at-risk children.

Little people come with big people. Whether biological or foster, family may look different for each of us. At CHA, we believe that family connections are essential to raising healthy kids. That’s why our focus moving forward is helping children within their family unit rather than in group homes. We have a long history of growing, adapting, and changing to meet the needs of today’s children. But the world is changing and children’s needs are changing along with it.

Prior to the pandemic, we helped 10 children in community-based services for every one child in a group home. And, the cost of community-based services is 7-10 times less than group home care. It turns out that we already know there is a better way. A family unit is the very definition of home-not a building, campus, or institution.

It’s time to be innovative! And CHA’s community-based service array is so innovative and successful that we want to grow to help more and more families in crisis. Our goal is to grow from 2,000 impacted lives to 20,000 in less than 10 years. This is not about the numbers, however. It’s about supporting the children and families who need us. And they need you.

Children’s Hope Alliance (CHA) has been around for 130 years and is committed to helping children and families of all shapes, sizes, and definitions through a vast array of community-based services. Our comprehensive programs give hope to North Carolina’s children and families by providing a safe family home, a pathway to healing, and a healthy start toward a bright future.

Download our Fact Sheet and Impact Report.

Our agency works to ensure that we are above reproach in all we do.  This means that we demonstrate efficient and effective stewardship of our resources and that we operate at all levels and in all ways with a commitment to our core values.  At CHA, we value:

  • Commitment to Quality and Effectiveness
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Fully integrated Technology Solutions
  • Amplifying Resource Impact
  • Family-Centered Focus
  • Innovation
  • Community Partnerships for Impact

CHA provides relevant, high-quality services associated with positive outcomes, excellent customer service, competent and well-trained caregivers/staff, and effective practice models.  Children’s Hope Alliance provides an array of services for children and families throughout North Carolina, including the following:

Certifications and Recognitions

Children’s Hope Alliance is proud to continually receive accreditation by the Joint Commission (National Accreditation). We are members of Benchmarks (State Association) and the Foster Family-Based Treatment Association, and we are affiliated with the United Way, and Healthy Families America.

Children’s Hope Alliance is a data-driven agency. We track our impact through the numbers of children and families that we serve in each program each year. The Quality Management department at CHA champions continuous quality improvement through quality planning, data analysis and reporting, and coaching.

This past June of 2023, CHA staff filled out the Workplace Survey—a research-backed employee engagement survey by Energage. Energage is the company that manages the national Top Workplaces lists. Top Workplaces awards are based solely on quantitative employee feedback. CHA survey results were then compared to more than 23 million surveys at over 70,000 organizations—making the Energage benchmarks the most accurate benchmarks available. The Top Workplaces program has a 17-year history of surveying and celebrating people-first organizations nationally and across 60 regional markets. 

The team works collaboratively with all levels of stakeholders to plan, measure, analyze and report on performance to enhance customer experience, improve treatment outcomes and reduce cost. We partner with our leaders and staff to increase confidence in accessing, interpreting and using data to make more informed decisions.

More financial information can be found HERE.