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We all know and understand that parenting is tough. Once you learn how to parent a certain way, the child grows and goes through yet another phase. The key is not to get frustrated and to reach out to others who have been through similar experiences. At CHA, we hope you find these resources helpful. Just remember: You are not alone!

Bullying: Impacting Youth Mental Health

Over the last few months, we’ve been calling attention to the Mental Health Crisis in NC. Bullying is another component that heavily impacts a child’s mental health. This is a… Read more »

People are holding banner signs while they are going to a demonstration against climate change

Anxiety and Depression in Gen Z

Anxiety and depression are a common issue in teenagers across all genders, races and family income levels. All of that turmoil and uncertainty is affecting the mental health of Generation… Read more »

Mental Health in Youth: How Can I Help My Child or Teen?

Here’s how you can help. Facilitate Open Communication Make sure you encourage open communication with your adolescent or teen about depression and anxiety. Ask about their emotional health. Check in… Read more »

Identifying the Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety in Children and Teens

Growing up means coming into contact with new emotions every single day. The fact that your child is discovering, struggling with, or reacting to new thoughts and emotions isn’t a… Read more »

Parenting an Adolescent or Teen With Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are two mental health issues that are common among adolescents and teens during ordinary times. However, the ongoing social isolation, economic stress, and fear caused by COVID-19… Read more »

25 Simple Parenting Tips That “Bring the Peace” When Living With Teens

Nobody provides a manual for parenting teens with anxiety, depression, mental health struggles, or emotional trauma. The truth is that you don’t need a manual. You just need to be… Read more »