Problem sexual behavior can be symptomatic of underlying mental health issues including but not limited to trauma and dysregulation. Youth that cause sexual harm come from a variety of backgrounds and, until recently, were only perceived as predaceous. Because of this perception as well as a general lack of public knowledge regarding the reasons youth cause sexual harm, many of these children and adolescents fell subject to the criminal justice system and did not receive the help they needed. Children’s Hope Alliance has an established, innovative treatment program dedicated to addressing the needs of these youth.


Program Highlights:

  • TASK (Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids) is an array of services that provides evidence-informed treatment for youth who have caused sexual harm.
  • Services are offered in several locations and counties, with office hubs stationed in Sylva, Asheville, Wilkesboro, Charlotte, Lexington and Statesville. Services are provided by highly qualified, licensed staff specifically trained in the TASK model of care.
  • All youth admitted into the TASK program receive a Comprehensive Evaluation of Sexual  Harm (CESH) that includes industry-recognized assessments for this population.
  • The average length of stay is 9-12 months, and treatment occurs primarily through an in-home, outpatient model that provides structured family, individual and group therapy, with an emphasis on safety planning.

For further information, call 1-800-395-2591.

To submit a referral to the TASK Program, Click Here.