At Children’s Hope Alliance, our highest priority is to provide a safe home environment for children in need. Our family and therapeutic foster care program is often the first safe home some children have ever known. We specially train and monitor foster families to make sure every child who needs it, has a safe home and loving place to call home.

Program Highlights:

  • this program is offered across North Carolina
  • children have experienced trauma typically from abuse and neglect; most children are in the custody of the Department of Social Services
  • provides a safe and caring environment for many ages of children
  • teaches social and living skills
  • capacity of no more than five total children in the home including birth, adopted, guardianship, etc.
  • utilizes the Teaching Family Model of care; an evidence based and evidence informed practice
  • coordinates medical and psychological appointments


The Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT) Program is a new community-based therapeutic program piloted for the State by Barium Springs, now known as Children’s Hope Alliance. The program provides a therapeutic family style treatment with trained professional parents in the community. IAFT is a placement option for youth who may be hard to place due to past treatment failures, significant behavioral and emotional challenges and the need for out of home care.

Program Highlights:

  • these services are offered throughout North Carolina
  • utilizes trained licensed professional parents that have a proven history of success with high risk children and/or specialized training
  • weekly contact with the team of professionals that are responsible for the child’s plan of care
  • daily contact between our staff and professional parents to review behavioral and treatment outcomes and needs
  • provides the opportunity to learn new social and living skills
  • provides the opportunity for family involvement and to reconnect with the biological family
  • provides a level of care tailored to his/her specific needs



For further information about foster care, call 1-800-395-2591.