Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Charlotte

Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Charlotte

At Children’s Hope Alliance, we’re building brighter futures for Charlotte’s children. Through foster care, child adoption, and cognitive behavioral therapy in Charlotte, we equip families with the tools they need to help at-risk youth thrive.

At the center of our organization is a dedicated team of clinicians, case workers, adoption specialists, and other caregivers. We may be different, but we’re all united by a common cause: providing hope and healing to local children.

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Charlotte Foster Care Services

Children’s Hope Alliances supports all aspects of foster care in Charlotte. We help prospective foster parents through the process of deciding to and pursuing fostering. We then connect children in need to these homes.

Charlotte Adoption and Post-Adoption Services

Our adoption center in Charlotte connects children to loving, long-term families. But we don’t end our services there. We continue to support the adoptive family for as long as they need with our post-adoption services.

Charlotte Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK)

When children exhibit problem sexual behavior, there’s usually an underlying cause. Our cognitive behavioral therapy in Charlotte supports children and their families as they address and build the emotional skills to succeed.


Children are at the heart of our name and our mission. All of our programs are designed to support at-risk youth, either independently or with their families. We do so alongside child protective services in Charlotte. Our services for children include:

  • Adoption and post-adoption services
  • Foster care
  • Stand By Me, independent living for teens who age out of foster care
  • Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK)


To build healthy, happy futures, children must depend on healthy, happy families. That’s why our umbrella of services includes those aimed at families. By supporting families (biological, adoptive, or foster) in the Charlotte area, we also help local children.

  • Our services for families include:
    • Adoption and post-adoption support services
    • Foster care in Charlotte
    • Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK)
    • Safety planning for families of children with problem sexual behavior

Our Community

Children’s Hope Alliance works hand-in-hand with the community of Charlotte to help local children. With a confidential referral program, we serve as a bridge between youth in need, concerned community members, and our services. Together, we’re building brighter futures for at-risk youth in Charlotte.

We could easily point to our long, 130-year history of supporting children as our “why,” but that doesn’t capture the depth of our impact on the Charlotte community. Instead, we’ll point to the influence we have every day.

By connecting them to loving homes and cognitive behavioral therapy, we help children develop behavioral and emotional skills to navigate life. Through family therapy and foster care programs, we bolster the support systems that provide for these children. And by working with our community, we’re building hopeful futures for generations of Charlotteans to come.