Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Statesville

Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Statesville

For more than 130 years, Children’s Hope Alliance has helped children across Statesville, NC by connecting them and their families to the support they need. Through our wide range of services—including foster care, child adoption, and cognitive behavioral therapy in Statesville—our non-profit organization builds stronger families and communities.

Our diverse team includes experts in child psychology, parenting, adoptions, and foster care. Individually, we support each child and family member as they cope with life’s challenges. But as a collective, we work together to create healthy, hopeful futures for generations of children to come.

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Barium Springs Campus
194 Barium Springs Drive
Statesville, NC 28677

Statesville Foster Care & Adoption Services

Children’s Hope Alliance serves as an adoption center in Statesville, NC, connecting children in need to foster homes or forever homes. Our foster care team also works closely with prospective foster parents to ensure they have the information and resources they need to foster.

Statesville Outpatient Therapeutic Services

With our therapeutic services, including cognitive behavioral therapy, we support families and children in developing the emotional skill sets they’ll need for forming healthy, long-term relationships.

Statesville Community-Based Services

Through community-based services, we meet families in their homes and intensive therapeutic scenarios, helping them develop parenting and behavioral skills to navigate challenges and keep their family together.

Statesville Therapeutic Education Services

To help children thrive at school, we offer day treatment programs that give them the skills and support to thrive in the classroom setting.


We work alongside the juvenile court system and child protective services in Statesville, NC, to make sure every child has a safe, supportive home and the emotional and behavioral skills to build a fulfilling life. Our services for children include:

  • Foster care
  • Child adoption
  • Reunification services
  • Family preservation services
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Music and art therapy


The health and happiness of children drives our work, but it’s not a job we can do alone. That’s why our services support not only children, but their families, so that they can always receive the support they need. Our services for families include:

  • Post-adoption support
  • Intensive, in-home therapy
  • Reunification services
  • Family preservation services
  • Parenting skills building
  • Life skills building
  • Mental health assessments
  • Connecting clients to recommended treatment

Our Community

A child is raised by its community almost as much as its family. With this in mind, we support the community of Statesville by helping facilitate the connection of families and children to the resources they need.

Why Children’s Hope Alliance?

Traditional adoption centers don’t support the entire family, which can perpetuate cycles of unhealthy relationships. But at Children’s Hope Alliance, we take a whole-family approach that heals children, families, and communities.

We maintain connections and provide support to everyone involved with Children’s Hope Alliance, from post-adoption parents, to foster parents, to community members, to foster children themselves. By doing so, children and the people around them are healthier, happier, and hopeful for the future ahead.