Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Asheville

Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Asheville

Children’s Hope Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and families in our community. We support those in need through foster care, child adoption, and cognitive behavioral therapy in Asheville, NC.

Our team is made up of case managers, clinicians, child psychiatrists and psychologists, and more, but what they all share is a dedication to doing what’s best for every child. We’re building a better foster care and family support system in order to provide health and healing for the children of Asheville.

Connect with Our Family Services in Asheville

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60 Livingston Street, Suite 100
Asheville, NC 28801

Asheville Foster Care & Adoption Services

Our adoption center in Asheville, NC, connects foster youth to well-trained and compassionate foster parents. We also help prospective foster parents make informed decisions about fostering and move forward with their foster home application

Asheville Therapeutic Education Services

For children dealing with behavioral or attachment issues, we offer day treatment programs to help them thrive in a typical classroom setting.

Asheville Outpatient Therapeutic Services

Our cognitive behavioral therapy in Asheville and other therapeutic services help children and their families build life skills and achieve emotional and behavioral health.

Asheville Community-Based Services

We connect families in our community to the resources they need to build healthy lives, whether that’s through family therapy, parenting skill-building, or reunification services.


Children are at the center of everything we do. We support at-risk youth in conjunction with child protective services in Asheville, NC. Our services for children include:

  • Foster Care
  • Child adoption
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Family and individual therapy


Helping children also means helping their families. At Children’s Hope Alliance, we provide supportive services to children, their parents, and siblings in order to help keep or bring families together. Our services for families include:

  • Crisis resolution
  • Establishing home stability
  • Coping and social skills development
  • Parenting skills
  • Life skills building
  • Mental health assessments
  • Making connections to community resources for food, utilities, housing, clothing, and other needs

Our Community

By supporting local families and their children, we also support our community. When a community member recognizes a family’s need for support, we encourage them to refer this family to our services. We work confidentially with concerned community members to connect with families and provide them with skill-building and cognitive behavioral therapy in Asheville, NC.

Children’s Hope Alliance has been helping North Carolina families for more than 130 years. Our strong foundations and dedication to our family-centric model help us provide children, families, and our entire community with expert support and empathetic understanding.

By connecting children to foster families, not group homes, and offering unwavering support to both foster and biological parents, we’re able to provide better futures for at-risk children.