Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Winston-Salem

Adoption, Foster Care, and Family Therapy in Winston-Salem

Children’s Hope Alliance is a non-profit organization committed to generating hope for hurting children and families in our community. We achieve our purpose by offering a range of services, including foster care, child adoption, and cognitive behavioral therapy in Winston-Salem.

Our diverse team consists of adoption specialists, clinicians, and case workers who all strive toward the same goal of providing local children with the unabiding support they deserve. In doing so, we create a brighter, more promising future for generations to come.

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Winston-Salem Campus
1400 Westgate Center Drive #100 Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Winston-Salem Foster Care & Adoption Services

The Children’s Hope Alliance adoption center in Winston-Salem, NC, connects youth to loving homes, either temporarily or forever. We also equip foster and adoptive parents with the tools needed to help children blossom into well-adjusted young adults.

Winston-Salem Outpatient Therapeutic Services

Through the Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK) program, we address the underlying mental health issues associated with problematic sexual behavior in youths ages 8 to 20. We offer other therapeutic services as well, including cognitive behavioral therapy in Winston-Salem, NC.

Winston-Salem Community-Based Services

Through our Child-Focused Assertive Community Treatment Teams (Child ACTT), we work extensively with families to maintain home stability when a youth is at risk of residential placement or hospitalization.


Children’s Hope Alliance is dedicated to empowering children. As such, we collaborate with child protective services in Winston-Salem, NC, to ensure youth receive stability and compassion at home.

Our services for children in Winston-Salem include:

  • Foster care
  • Child adoption and post-adoption services
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK)


Children flourish when surrounded by loved ones in a secure, emotionally healthy environment. That’s why much of our work is focused on supporting parents, whether they be foster, adoptive, or biological. Our services for families include:

  • Child-Focused Assertive Community Treatment Teams (Child ACTT)
  • Mental health assessments and resources
  • Family, individual, and group therapy 
  • Adoption and post-adoption services
  • Foster care training 

Our Community

Though child advocacy is at the heart of everything we do, we are nothing without the enduring support of our community. At Children’s Hope Alliance, we rely on concerned residents of Winston-Salem to recognize when a child or family needs a helping hand and then refer them to our services. Only by working together can we change the world.

Why Children’s Hope Alliance?

Traditional adoption centers in Winston-Salem don’t address the root cause of turbulence in a home, such as mental illness or addiction. Comparatively, Children’s Hope Alliance takes a holistic approach, equipping families with the resources needed to heal.

Using this model, we work hand-in-hand with parents to break the cycle of abuse and develop a more empathetic understanding of children. By doing so, we provide kids with stable, compassionate homes—places where they can develop into the best version of themselves.