Why Giving Matters?

Why We Need Your Help

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In operation for over 130 years, Children’s Hope Alliance is a financially stable organization with a long history of serving as many children and families as possible while performing excellent care with low overhead costs. 

Why do we need your financial support? We need your help to support the services of today, while we invest in building and expanding the services of tomorrow. Our goal is to focus on generational change and make a significant impact by keeping families together. At CHA we are ready to innovate and expand. Because we have generations of children and parents who will simply remain in this vicious cycle of crisis unless we do something. Now is the time!

Each year, we calculate our revenue and expenses and undergo an external audit. We work hard to be excellent stewards of our finances so that we can be around another 100 years.

Your Gifts Matter 

Each year, we are humbled by the continued generosity of the individuals, foundations, businesses, and churches who give to the lives of children and families who are struggling while we are working toward generational change. Without your help, many of them would be at risk of certain failure. You put a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts by providing help and support they so desperately need. Thank you!

The annual report hallmarks our various accomplishments throughout the past year. It gives an overview of the services we provide to the hundreds of families and children of North Carolina. It should be noted that our fiscal year begins October 1 and ends September 30 of each year.

If you have follow up questions, great! We welcome your questions and look forward to talking with you. Simply reach out to development@childrenshopealliance.org.