Art and Music are forms of expression that are not only incredibly beautiful, but they are so very helpful to anyone that just cannot find the words to say what needs to be said.

I also find these mediums effective in setting the tone for an environment.  When pleasant and calming colors, as well as music with soothing tones, is a part of an environment, it helps generate soothing, warm, and nurturing feelings.

For me, this is both an indoor and outdoor experience.  When you are surrounded by beauty, it’s soothing.  When you are surrounded by overwhelming colors or sounds, it has a different effect.  Not everyone responds the same ways to certain colors, sounds, or combinations of both, but regardless of preference, they can have a profound impact.

Let me give you an example from my own life. My daughter has had multiple concussions, which impacts her ability at times to be around bright lights, colors, sounds, etc.  At the most difficult time in her healing, she just could not get her brain to function well enough to put words to her feelings and her experiences.  She could, however, play her keyboard, write lyrics, paint freehand using different paints and colors, and even color with markers and crayons. During these times, I could tell how she was feeling by the colors she chose and the lyrics she wrote or the notes she played.  Without any words at all, it helped me know when she was doing ok, and when she needed some extra support.

Writing music, singing, playing instruments, drawing, painting, creating….all of them were healing agents for her. And to this day when she is struggling, she leans on them to help her work through things. It’s a powerful tool and one that’s within reach for all of us.