Children’s Hope Alliance Family.
Although the start of Governor Cooper’s Phase 1 to NC re-opening begins Friday at 5pm, please note this DOES NOT mean a return to regular practice for us. Until further notice, our workflow remains the same: virtual service delivery, work from home, limit face-to-face interactions unless absolutely necessary.
Currently, one staff member tested positive for COVID-19 and we are awaiting test results on a second staff member. Some departments are monitoring and tracking staff symptoms daily, but each of us should also be monitoring ourselves.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to limit our exposures and remain diligent with health and safety precautions. Our state is seeing an increase in the number of cases and we need to do our part to keep our kids and staff healthy.
Notes for today:
  • Phase 1 begins Friday – our practices remain the same. As we enter Phase 1 and counties begin to individually lift restrictions, CHA staff are still following the practice of virtual service delivery, work from home, and limiting face-to-face contact unless absolutely necessary. Read details on Phase 1 here.
  • Wear a mask. ALL STAFF must wear a mask at work, as tolerated. This means you MUST wear a mask unless you are having difficulty breathing. If you are having difficulty breathing, you should request a different kind of mask.
  • If you need a mask, or a different type of mask. You can request a mask from a nurse in your program, a program manager, or by sending an email HERE.
  • Work from home if at all possible. If you are required to be in a program or in an office, follow social distancing, disinfect all surfaces, and limit interactions with others.
  • If you must work in a program or office. Try to limit work in an office to one person at a time, and if you must be there with others, keep social distancing, wear a mask, sanitize all surfaces, and have any deliveries left at the door. If your workplace needs hand sanitizer or wipes, send an email HERE.
  • If you must visit one of the CHA offices. Be mindful of those who work there. Use the hand sanitizer when you enter, maintain social distancing, and wipe down any surfaces you touch before you leave.
  • If you believe you have been exposed. Let your supervisor, Celeste, and Dr. Mullis know RIGHT AWAY if you believe you may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus or are having any symptoms of illness. We will conduct contact tracing and do our best to limit further exposures.
  • If you or your program/office is quarantined. This is NOT optional. If CHA quarantines a program or office or requires you to self-quarantine, this must be followed.
  • Follow safety protocols outside of work. Consider what you may be bringing into the workplace – limit your interactions, wear a mask, follow social distancing, even after hours!
Stay well, smile, and sanitize often,