What does that mean for North Carolina?
  • Stay-at-home order is lifted, with strong encouragement for vulnerable populations to continue staying at home, and has moved to a Safer-at-Home recommendation.
  • Limited opening of restaurants and other businesses that can follow strict safety protocols while operating at reduced capacity.
  • Number of people allowed at gatherings REMAINS NO LARGER THAN 10 indoors or 25 outdoors (still maintaining social distancing, of course!).
  • Bars, nightclubs, gyms, indoor facilities, indoor entertainment venues, and public playgrounds REMAIN CLOSED.
  • If you’d like to read Governor Cooper’s order, you can find it HERE.
What does that mean for Children’s Hope Alliance?
  • Mask-wearing is still required in all offices.
  • Social distancing is still required.
  • Work-at-home still encouraged, limit number of people in offices
  • Residential programs will STAY THE COURSE and continue as-is – there is no change for congregate care settings in the governor’s order
  • Community-Based Services may see changes forthcoming with meeting clients in public spaces – ask your manager for specific details