Treatment Alternatives for Sexualized Kids (TASK)

How Does It Work?

The TASK treatment model is designed to meet the complex needs of youth who have caused sexual harm. Youth who cause sexual harm or engage in sexually problematic behavior come from a variety of backgrounds and are often involved with the justice system. Problem sexual behavior can be symptomatic of underlying mental health issues, including trauma and dysregulation. Many times, these youth and their families are unable to find the adequate treatment that serves their individualized needs and circumstances. Children’s Hope Alliance has an established, innovative treatment program dedicated to addressing the needs of these youth.

Highly qualified, licensed staff members who are trained in the TASK model of care provide therapy through an in-home, outpatient model that provides structured family, individual, and group therapy, with an emphasis on safety planning. TASK serves youth ages 6 to 22 years old and emphasizes the development of skills related to self-regulation, communication, healthy sexuality, family conflict, academic engagement, peer relations, and risk management. Youth can be adjudicated with a sexual offense or have a history of sexual harm. Treatment lasts an average of 9 to 12 months.

Program Highlights


Success Stories

At a time when most boys dream of sitting behind the wheel of a car for the first time, Jason was fighting an unimaginable war – a war with his past, a war with his present, and a war with his future.

Jason’s Story