STOP Specialized Treatment Team

How Does It Work?

The STOP Program focuses on safety, self-regulation, and pro-social behaviors for youth who have been adjudicated for sexually harmful behaviors through the Juvenile Justice system. They have been court-ordered to complete evaluation and/or treatment services. Non-adjudicated youth may also be served based on a case-by-case basis.

What are the program objectives?

  • Primary focus on safety, self-regulation, risk identification/reduction
    and pro-social interpersonal relationships and coping mechanisms
  • Prevention of further sexual and nonsexual problematic behaviors
    and increased competencies across all domains
  • The social and family environments are thoroughly explored
    and integrated into services
  • Victim impact and ‘reunification’ goals are prioritized
  •  Cognitive-behavioral approaches in addition to empirically driven
    interventions (sex-specific) are utilized within a trauma-informed and
    the developmentally driven treatment process

Youth attend weekly sex-specific group therapy, as well as individual and family therapy, at a Children’s Hope Alliance office. In addition, the following services are offered:

  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment by a licensed
  • Sex-Specific Clinical Evaluation w/ Psychological
    testing by an LPA
  • Interpretive Family/Stakeholder session for detailed
    review of evaluation results and treatment
  • Individualized Safety Plan addressing home/school
  • Monthly Child-Family Team meetings
  • Care coordination/management and consultation with
    community agencies
  • Extensive Collaboration/Communication with
    Juvenile Justice
  • Consultative services regarding issues of sexual abuse
    and continuum of care relative to treatment

For More Information

These services are provided in Guilford County. For more information, call Ken McPherson, LCSW at 336-207-0694 or Teresa Ibarra at 336-676-2568.


Success Stories

Douglas heard the judge read the charges against him. Something about Sexual Battery. He had been in court before and knew the kids he ran with were bad news. They just got caught.

Douglas’s Story