CHA Management Team Building Experience

On a bright morning in January, several members of Management Team were focused on working as a team at a local escape room. We learned about the history of the building and put on our thinking caps. What was quickly evident, was that those present are gifted in a variety of ways and that while individually we faced challenges, collectively we were able to conquer what in the moment seemed impossible (with 1 minute, 20 seconds to spare I might add 😊). 

I think it was a valuable lesson for each of us, and one I felt led to share with each of you: In the day to day on our own, we often feel overwhelmed with all on our plate, but collectively with the support of each other, the impossible becomes possible. Instead of focusing on the problem before us, as we often do, putting our heads together by bringing solutions to the table is a win-win for everyone. 

More members of Management Team joined in over lunch where the conversation continued. Each expressed gratitude for every Hope Hero on their team and for their individual talents.  

-Jackie Grignon, Director of Implementation