Children’s Hope Alliance Executive Leadership Team

Celeste Dominguez, President & Chief Executive Officer
Kirsten Smith, Chief Clinical Program Officer
Sarah Gray, Chief Development Officer
Lakisha Marelli, Chief Information Officer
Kevin Anders, Chief Compliance Officer
Len Jones, Chief Financial Officer

Children’s Hope Alliance Board of Directors
Kelly Earnhardt Miller, Chair
Dr. Laura Skinner, Vice Chair
Kimberly Lawrence, Secretary/Treasurer
Ben Klein
Carolyn Leith
Constantine “Costi” Kutteh
Spurgeon Mackie
Jean VanNoppen
Teross Young

Children’s Hope Alliance Service Board of Trustees
Dr. Laura Skinner, Chair
Ellen Meihaus
Dana Dominguez
Karly Larimore
Sally Beck

Children’s Hope Alliance Foundation Board of Trustees
Spurgeon Mackie, Chair
Ben Klein, Treasurer
Carolyn Leith, Secretary
John Donoghue
Kelly Earnhardt Miller

Properties for Children Board of Trustees
Ron Turner, Chair
Dan Brubaker, Vice Chair
Kimberley Lawrence, Secretary
Dan Godwin
DeAnn Scheppele