North Carolina has seen a dramatic rise in the number of positive COVID cases with 1300 cases reported yesterday. Hospitalizations are also increasing at the highest rates since the pandemic began. As a result, the NC Health Secretary is anticipating a surge in cases and warned NC may return to stay-at-home restrictions. Read or listen to more here.
What can I do?
  • Keep on keepin’ on with the 3 W’s – WEAR a mask, WAIT 6 ft apart, WASH your hands
  • Try not to go out unless you have to
  • Be cautious if you go out – wear a mask and practice social distancing
Our office needs hand sanitizer and I need a mask. How can I get these supplies?
Good news! CHA has hand sanitizer to refill the bottles in your office and we have plenty of masks. Just send an email and you’ll get what you need.
What about our staff members and kids/families we serve who were tested?
We are continuing to follow safety protocols and tracking all testing results of staff members. Here are those results to date:
  • CHA staff members tested: 10
  • Positive Results: 1
  • Negative Results: 9
  • Pending Results:
  • Lost Test: 0