Take a Virtual Tour:

If you would like to learn more about our mission or would like to connect with Children’s Hope Alliance on a deeper level, we invite you to take a virtual tour!

You’ll get an inside look at how we help abused and neglected children, low-income families, children needing therapy, and the many other ways we help the community. You’ll learn about the obstacles some of our youth face every day and how we encourage them to overcome these challenges. And finally, you’ll learn about our vision for the future and the increased needs of children throughout our state. You’ll walk away with a real appreciation for the committed efforts of our staff and you’ll be forever changed by your visit.

For the sake of children and staff, our locations are closed to visitors at this time.

To schedule a virtual tour, please email us!

Grandfather Home for Children Visitors’ Center and Museum is open by appointment only to ensure social distancing.  To make a reservation, email Madison at MLCornwell@childrenshopealliance.org or call 828.406.2424.