The STOP Program provides specialized services to youth who have been adjudicated for sexually harmful behaviors through the Juvenile Justice system. These individuals have been court-ordered to complete evaluation and/or treatment services. Non-adjudicated youth may also be served based on a case-by-case basis.

What are the program objectives?

  • Primary focus on safety, self-regulation, risk identification/reduction
    and pro-social interpersonal relationships and coping mechanisms
  • Prevention of further sexual and nonsexual problematic behaviors
    and increased competencies across all domains
  • The social and family environments are thoroughly explored
    and integrated into services
  • Victim impact and ‘reunification’ goals are prioritized
  •  Cognitive-behavioral approaches in addition to empirically driven
    interventions (sex specific) are utilized within a trauma-informed and
    developmentally driven treatment process

STOP offers the following  services:

  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment by a licensed
  • Sex Specific Clinical Evaluation w/ Psychological
    testing by an LPA
  • Interpretive Family/Stakeholder session for detailed
    review of evaluation results and treatment
  • Individualized Safety Plan addressing home/school
  • Weekly sex specific group therapy (office-based)
  • Individual and family therapy (office-based)
  • Monthly Child-Family Team meetings
  • Care coordination/management and consultation with
    community agencies
  • Extensive Collaboration/Communication with
    Juvenile Justice
  • Consultative services regarding issues of sexual abuse
    and continuum of care relative to treatment