“Aging out” is a term used to describe what happens to teens in residential or foster care who reach their 18th birthdays without having a permanent home. They do not have family support, and often times lack the skills to be successful young adults. Stand By Me, our independent living program, helps prepare these teens for a successful future. Children’s Hope Alliance offers support and living arrangements to these teens across the state.

Program Highlights:

  • apartments are located in Barium Springs, NC (near Statesville) with other living arrangements across the state
  • two-bedroom apartments are provided for young adults who have demonstrated an ability to live in a supervised independent living environment
  • an average stay of up to a 9-12 months
  • capacity of 10 teens with 2 tenants in each of our 5 apartments
  • serves ages 17-21, however 16-year-olds are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Department of Social Services
  • life-skill building is also offered in other services across the state
  • provides independent living skills provided by trained staff, who are located on site 24 hours per day in a separate apartment that provide assistance with housing, educational and career challenges