Before a child or teen can be treated, their needs should first be properly assessed. Children’s Hope Alliance has created a PRTF Diversion and Assessment program.

Program Highlights:

  • this facility is located in Barium Springs, NC (near Statesville)
  • provides an intensely structured, safe and secure (staff secure/locked) therapeutic environment with a constant line-of-sight supervision
  • serves ages 10-18 and has a co-ed capacity of 8 children and teens
  • Medicaid eligible, typically multi-system involved youth, requiring diversion from a hospital ER, may have an abrupt placement disruption for severe behaviors/symptoms, and are showing substantial case complexity
  • provides comprehensive assessment (medical, psychiatric, psychological, educational, and specialized – sexual harm and trauma) using standardized tools to determine treatment needs and placement recommendations
  • program includes crisis stabilization, medication evaluation and management, 24-hour nursing services, daily therapy/licensed practitioner and qualified professional interventions and interactions, aftercare/discharge planning, referral, and placement services

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Other than hospitalization, a PRTF is the highest level of care a troubled child can receive. Youth at this level need around-the-clock care from our staff and are generally at risk of hurting themselves or others.

Program Highlights:

  • these facilities are located in Barium Springs, NC (near Statesville)
  • provides an intensely structured therapeutic environment with a constant line-of-sight supervision
  • co-ed capacity of 18 with 6-8 children and teens in each group home
  • Medicaid eligible, serves ages 13-18
  • homes specialize in treatment for sexual harm; advanced behavioral and psychiatric complexity; intense frequency and duration of problem behaviors; acute skill deficits in multiple life domains; frequent crisis stabilization and explosive behavior management; history of treatment resistance

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Our Transitional Living Program establishes and maintains a safe, healthy, productive, and family home-like setting for young adults ages 18 through 21, who are transitioning to the world-at-large. Transitional Living staff members guide their journey through empowerment of “voice and choice.” A supportive, consistent, and purposeful life-changing structure allows these young people to acquire the requisite academic, social, emotional, vocational, and independent living skills to be self-sufficient and successful in college, career, and community-based living.

Program Highlights:

  • Three-phased program for young adults 18 – 21 years old, who are willing to enter into the program, have no recent episodes of aggression or involvement with law enforcement, demonstrate emotional stability, and expect to graduate high school.
    • Phase 1: dorm-style living
    • Phase 2: apartment-style living
    • Phase 3: community-based living
  • Support provided by highly qualified staff members, located on-site 24 hours a day
  • located in Barium Springs, NC (near Statesville)

Download a program brochure.

Hear from a young adult in the program talk about how it’s changed her life.

For additional information about applying to the Transitional Living Program, please email or call 1-800-395-2591.