At Children’s Hope Alliance we want to make sure the children in our care have a safe and protective family environment. One way we can help families where children are at risk of, or currently experiencing, an out-of-home placement is to offer services that will help not only the child, but the family learn new and effective ways of dealing with trauma.

Program Highlights:

  • primarily delivered to families in their home & community settings, average length of treatment is 4 months
  • specific services include: crisis-resolution; establishing home stability with an emphasis on keeping the family intact; coping and social skills development including self-help and living skills for the child and parenting skills to help family members cope with the child’s disorders; providing support through monitoring effectiveness of interventions and progress and making connections to needed community resources for food, utilities, housing, clothing and other needs
  • eligibility: youth and/or family issues are unmanageable in school based or behavioral program settings; youth is at risk of (or currently in) an out-of-home placement and reunification is imminent; youth is eligible for Medicaid or NC Health Choice
  • team of licensed therapist & qualified professionals use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model

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