The Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQI Plan) and related quality improvement activities are part of a comprehensive and proactive approach for ensuring that Children’s Hope Alliance maintains the position as a leader among children and family service agencies; by continuing to meet the changing needs of children and families in North Carolina for years to come.

This plan incorporates quality assurance, quality management, quality improvement and performance management practices, activities, strategies and goals of the agency.  The CQI Plan is a method by which we will monitor and improve the effectiveness of services, the safety of clients and staff, the financial strength of the agency, and other aspects critical to quality service delivery and sustainability.  Through our CQI Plan, we are able to ensure that we:

  1. Have methods for monitoring and evaluating the quality and appropriateness of client care, including delineation of client outcomes and utilization of services
  2. Provide adequate professional or clinical supervision
  3. Strategically work to improve client care and outcomes
  4. Employ adequately trained and privileged/credentialed staff
  5. Provide thorough review of critical incidents involving clients and staff
  6. Maintain compliance with our policies and procedures, best practices standards and other widely accepted standards of practice for each support and program area

Join a Committee:
We always welcome your questions, concerns and ideas regarding our Quality Improvement process.  We are currently accepting applications to serve on one of our agency committees.  Please review the committee descriptions, fill out and submit the above form for consideration.  If you have any questions, please contact a Quality Management representative at 704-832-2307 or email