At Children’s Hope Alliance, honoring faith is one of our core values. We understand that faith can play a key role in the healing journey of the children and families in our care, so we make sure to meet children where they are. To support and honor a child and his/her faith journey, we offer the following resources: Bible for each new youth in our programs, optional Bible Study, optional after-school Bible Club, opportunity to attend a local church or place of worship on Sundays.

Both of the organizations in the Alliance — Barium Springs Home for Children & Grandfather Home for Children — have long histories with the Presbyterian Church. And, just like we did over 100 years ago, we still depend on churches and other faith communities to support our organization through financial contributions and volunteerism.

We hope the materials below will help you spread the word about how we’re changing lives at Children’s Hope Alliance! If you need further assistance, please email our Communications Department by clicking HERE.


Please feel free to download these materials and print them as needed.

If you would like items to insert into your church bulletin, click the links below. Please note, they are designed to be a good steward of your resources, so you can print the PDFs, cut them in half, and insert them into your bulletin.



  • About Child Abuse
  • Becoming a Foster Parent
  • About Sexual Abuse/Child Sex Trafficking

If your church would like to support our mission of serving hurting children and families across North Carolina, we have a special video for you. Please CLICK HERE to link to a video share with your leadership team or congregation.