April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the fight against child abuse runs right through the core of our mission here at Children’s Hope Alliance. We have been providing hope to hurting children and families since 1891. Throughout the month of April, we’ll be sharing stories of children and families who have found hope and healing.

Meet Andrew

Andrew’s journey started with his parents going through a nasty divorce, and his father being both physically and verbally abusive. See what happened when Andrew came to Children’s Hope Alliance.


Meet Jazmyne

Jazmyne was severely neglected as an infant, but with a little help, the sky is now the limit for this little girl.


Meet Liz

You can listen to Liz’s story on our ChildLife Podcast. Liz’s past of abuse and neglect led to suicidal tendencies, which ultimately led her to us.


Meet Hailey

Hailey was also featured on our ChildLife Podcast. Hailey survived a childhood full of neglect and sexual abuse. She’s now living with one of our foster families.


Meet Bobbi

Listen to 16-year-old Bobbi tell her story of how she was a victim of child sex trafficking. It’s not an easy interview to listen to, but it’s important to hear. After living in our residential program and participating in a lot of counseling, Bobbi’s has a bright future again.