Fourth of July was missing the fireworks, and I miss the office. When can I go back?
CHA leadership and the COVID team is working on that. If you happen to pop into the office to pick something up or print something out, you may see a CHA team member walking around the building to assess safety measures and determine how and when we can all return to the office.
I’m seeing a whole lot of folks walking around without masks. What’s up with that?
You’re correct. Many of us have friends and acquaintances who are disregarding masks, testing, and quarantine guidelines and requirements. They shouldn’t be doing that. But we work with children and have to extra careful so the virus doesn’t spread at the places we work.
Are cases still going up in NC?
Yup. NC is currently averaging about 1300 new cases a day. The good news is that hospitalization rates are declining just a bit. The theory behind those declining numbers is that more young, healthy people are becoming infected and not requiring hospitalization.
Anything else?
Wearing a mask is important – but you need to be sure you’re doing it right! Check out the infographic below for some helpful tips.