CHA supports your involvement in peaceful protests, marches, and other activities to help promote equity and justice for everyone in our communities. When you participate in these events, please be sure to wear PPE and follow the 3 Ws – WEAR a mask, WAIT 6 feet apart, WASH your hands.
Also of note, one of the youth in our Independent Living Program recently visited with others without wearing a mask or following social distancing rules. As a result, the program is increasing symptom monitoring of all ILP youth for the next two weeks.
And… There Are New Testing Tools for Everyone to Use!
There are several new digital tools available to help expand testing capacity, streamline contact tracing efforts, and provide members of your community with guidance on how to protect themselves and their families. These tools include:
  • Check My Symptoms ( []), a public website that allows people to enter their symptoms and determine if they should get tested for COVID-19. If they are recommended to be tested, they will receive a link to a list of nearby testing sites via email or text.  Note: The symptom checker is an informational tool to help people determine if they may need to be tested; however it is not a physician order. Testing sites may require their own screening.
  • Find My Testing Place ( []), a public website that allows people to input their county or ZIP code and access a list of nearby testing site locations online.