Children’s Hope Alliance Family,

We are moving through a difficult time as a nation. And it seems like something simple like concentration can be a hard task to accomplish. Things are chaotic. We’re unsettled. We’re tense. Emotions are running high and can make it hard to work, to read, to watch, to listen, much less to think. That’s where we are.
But there IS something we can do. It may be difficult, but we can keep working to keep ourselves, our clients, their families, colleagues, and our loved ones safe.
Why can’t we just stop and go back to normal? Because COVID-19 isn’t stopping. Because the number of new cases and hospitalizations in our state continues to climb upward. The daily rate of new cases ranges from 750-1,000 each day. That’s someone’s parent, someone’s child, someone’s sister or brother, friend or neighbor, contracting a deadly virus. That’s why we can’t stop.
So as tough as things are, we need to be tougher. Keep focused on the end goal. Keep 6 feet away, keep wearing your mask, keep washing your hands. You ARE making a difference.