Children’s Hope Alliance Family,
There have been some specific questions following Friday’s COVID update in the Water Cooler. We are trying to provide clarification to those questions by providing a Q&A. Please read below.
If you have other questions that are not addressed, please email them and we will answer in future communication.
I know we are supposed to work from home, but does that mean I cannot work in an office if I need to make copies, scan something, etc.?
You can work in an office if absolutely necessary, but be sure to schedule your in-office time with your office contact and try to limit work in office to one person at a time. If you must be there with others, keep social distancing, wear a mask, sanitize all surfaces, and have any deliveries left at the door. If your workplace needs hand sanitizer or wipes, send an email HERE. Also, be sure to follow social distancing, disinfect all surfaces, and limit interactions with others.
I work with children and families in their homes. What should I do in the case of an emergency with a client? What should I do if someone in the house has tested positive for the virus? What if someone in the home has allergy symptoms or something else?
If anyone in the home has tested positive, you are NOT to enter the home. In the case of an emergency in this situation, EMS should be contacted.
If someone in the home is not completely well, please staff these cases individually with your supervisor prior to entering the home in the case of an emergency.
Do I really need to wear a mask when I’m not at work?
Yes. Consider what you may be bringing into the workplace – limit your interactions, wear a mask, follow social distancing, even after hours!
I have a friend or family member who has tested positive. What should I do?
Let your supervisor, Celeste, and Dr. Mullis know RIGHT AWAY if you believe you may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus or are having any symptoms of illness. We will conduct contact tracing and do our best to limit further exposures.
What about test results from staff who were potentially exposed?
Currently, one staff member tested positive for COVID-19 and we are waiting test results on a second staff member. Some departments are monitoring and tracking staff symptoms daily, but each of us should also be monitoring ourselves.
Smile, sanitize often, and enjoy this LIFT!
Chaida Bango Bango, 20, is an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park. She grew up in the foster care system in Montgomery County, Maryland, since age 11. She went to countless foster homes and was left unheard from the system. Today, she studies public policy with a minor in professional writing. Read her story here!