Is this what FOREVER looks like?

As the days go on, and it seems like the “new normal” is taking a while to establish itself, it can seem like progress itself has stopped.
The important thing to remember is that it hasn’t. Progress simply does not stop. It can’t. We are always moving forward in some way, even if things move slowly.
You disagree? Just look at the fact that we are still providing services to – despite the pandemic, despite the restrictions, we are doing it and seeing the hope, health, and healing for kids and families.
So while the progress may be slow, it’s still there. And that’s the most important thing to remember!


  • ALL staff – NO EXCEPTIONS – must wear a mask while at work. This includes work done in offices, in programs, and even if you’re just “walking through.”
  • Summer is approaching, which means it’s time for a vacation. If you plan to travel out-of-state, please talk with your supervisor about plans to re-enter the workplace at CHA.