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Episode 11 :: All month, we’ve been sharing stories from children in our care because April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Many of the kids we serve have been through unthinkable abuse and neglect, and today’s story is no different. This story is pretty heavy and hard to listen to. But, we’re not sharing it for shock value. It’s important to hear these stories. It’s important to share these stories. It’s important to realize that kids can go through some of the worst things imaginable early in life and with the proper help and support, they can bounce back stronger than ever. This is Bobbi’s story. In full disclosure, Bobbi isn’t this girl’s real name because we need to protect her identity. You see, Bobbi is a victim of child sex trafficking. You might think child sex trafficking only happens in big cities like Chicago, L.A., New York City, or Miami, but Bobbi’s story took place right here in North Carolina.


Episode 10 :: Because April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are continuing to share stories of children in our care so you can hear exactly how Children’s Hope Alliance helps kids heal from their past hurts and move forward to a bright tomorrow. Today, we’ll hear Hailey’s story. She was about 16-years-old when we went to Hailey’s foster parent’s house to talk with her about her past and her new path on her healing journey. Despite a past full of unthinkable abuse and neglect, she was just so personable. She just kind of glowed. As you’ll hear, Hailey’s aunt literally saved her life by convincing her mother not to abort Hailey. But after taking Hailey in as her own child, she treated Hailey very differently than she did her own children. After being removed from her home, she came to live with one of our amazing foster parents, and even though her past is full of abuse, she now has a bright future ahead of her.


Episode 9 :: As you may know, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Preventing child abuse and helping children heal from past abuse runs right through the core of our mission at Children’s Hope Alliance. Throughout the month of April, we will be sharing stories of children who have found hope and healing from past abuse. Today, we’ll hear from a girl named Liz, who faced a lot of abuse and neglect early in her life, and then after contemplating suicide came to live in one of our group homes at our historic Grandfather Home campus in Banner Elk.


Episode 8 :: As we continue celebrating the rich, 125-year history of Barium Springs (one of Children’s Hope Alliance’s founding organizations), Adam sits down with Jimmy and Ray Johnson, who both grew up at Barium Springs in the late 1930s into the ’50s. Jimmy talks about his days as a high school football standout, working in the farm, and how growing up at Barium Springs prepared him for a successful career in public education. Jimmy’s wife, Ray, talks about how her basketball teams at Barium Springs were almost unstoppable, how she and Jimmy met in school, and how much the children at Barium Springs loved the swimming pool on the backside of campus. At about 50 minutes, this podcast is a bit longer than our typical 20-minute podcasts, but listening to Jimmy and Ray reminisce about the old days at Barium Springs is well worth the time.


Episode 7 :: In celebration of Children’s Hope Alliance’s Barium Springs campus’ 125th anniversary this year, ChildLife will feature stories from alumni who grew up at Barium Springs during the orphanage era. In our first episode of a two-part series, we are joined by Al Blake, who came to Barium Springs just before he turned five years old in 1952. Al lived at Barium Springs until he graduated from South Iredell High School. Listen to Al talk about how he came to the orphanage, what he learned working in the dairy farm, and what it was like growing up at Barium Springs.


Episode 6 :: Dating back to Children’s Hope Alliance’s creation in 1891, churches have played a large roll in the agency’s mission. Those strong ties to churches and faith communities remain today. In this episode we talk with Lorie Fees, Development Officer – Church Liaison for Children’s Hope Alliance, about how churches are involved with our mission and what roll faith can play in the healing journey of the children and families we serve. Visit our Church Connections page for materials you can take to your church.


Episode 5 :: May is National Foster Care Month, so in this episode, we talk to a foster parent about her experiences with fostering through Children’s Hope Alliance. We also catch up with four members of our foster care staff to discuss how you can become a foster parent.


Episode 4 :: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, so in the latest podcast, we are joined by Children’s Hope Alliance Development Officer, April Nichols, and Child Advocacy Center Victim Advocate with SAFE, Tim Murphy, to take a look at how Children’s Hope Alliance is working with SAFE in Wilkes County to educate the public about child abuse prevention. We also explore what we can do to end child abuse in our own communities.


Episode 3 :: In this episode, we are joined by Benchmarks’ President and CEO, Karen McLeod, to discuss the ever-changing landscape of child welfare in North Carolina. We explore current and future challenges for Managed Care Organizations, local Department of Social Services, and providers like Children’s Hope Alliance. Karen brings a unique perspective because Benchmarks, which is based in Raleigh, provides a unified, expert voice to lawmakers and the general public on issues regarding child welfare, mental health, juvenile justice and developmental delay.


Episode 2 :: In our second episode, we talk about Children’s Hope Alliance’s outpatient services programs with program director, Kevin Angell. Kevin talks about what types of outpatient services are offered through Children’s Hope Alliance, where those services are offered, and the importance of overall mental health in our society.


Episode 1 :: In our first episode, we talk with Children’s Hope Alliance’s President and CEO, John Koppelmeyer, about why he wanted to make a career out of helping children. He also discusses what the future might hold for Children’s Hope Alliance and other agencies like it.