Child Abuse PreventionAll month, we’ve been sharing stories from children in our care because April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Many of the kids we serve have been through unthinkable abuse and neglect, and today’s story is no different. This story is pretty heavy and hard to listen to. But, we’re not sharing it for shock value. It’s important to hear these stories. It’s important to share these stories. It’s important to realize that kids can go through some of the worst things imaginable early in life and with the proper help and support, they can bounce back stronger than ever.

This is Bobbi’s story. In full disclosure, Bobbi isn’t this girl’s real name because we need to protect her identity. You see, Bobbi is a victim of child sex trafficking. You might think child sex trafficking only happens in big cities like Chicago, L.A., New York City, or Miami, but Bobbi’s story took place right here in North Carolina.

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