The Message is in the Music

One of the most recent issues of Rolling Stone magazine described Beyonce’s new visual album, Black is King, as a “statement about Pan-African identity and idealism. ” What a great example of embracing innovation to forward change in society.

To me, her artistic endeavor captured the very spirit of what our country should be striving for: A pride in what makes us unique, and a genuine appreciation for what makes us different.

Coming from this perspective, doesn’t it seem that communication and problem-solving would be much more effective at all levels – for individuals, for communities, and for countries? What if we could approach each interaction with another person as an opportunity to learn, to collaborate, and to progress. What a tremendous world this would be.

As for me, I celebrate with Beyonce for her newest work, her efforts to push the envelope, and her dedication to helping us all move forward!

Our weekly blog is written by CHA President and CEO Celeste Dominguez.