Doing Our Part

Earlier this week, I read an article about the pervasiveness of racial bias in child welfare. The author, the director of the Child Advocacy Law Clinic and the Child Welfare Appellate Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School, cited many points of evidence based on the high rates at which black and brown children are removed from their families.
But one, in particular, stood out: 37 percent of all children in the US are the subject of an investigated child neglect or abuse report. When it comes to children of color, the number jumps to 53 percent of all black children as subjects of an investigation. That’s more than half of the black children in our country!
That is a huge number and one worth paying attention to. Like the author, I think there are many levels of many systems that need to be repaired before we will see real change.
But these numbers also confirmed for me that the focus of our work to provide more family-based services is spot-on – to help prevent the removal of kids whenever possible. As we work with families to help them meet their needs – whatever those needs are – we help them stay together. This, I believe, is doing our part to help prevent the break-up of families, and to bring generational hope, health, and healing.
Our weekly blog is written by CHA President and CEO Celeste Dominguez.